Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Favorite Accessory

Good thing The Rules don't rule out the acceptance of gifts.

Do we call an engagement ring a gift? Hm. It comes in a box. Okay, sure, it's a gift.

Anyway, 7 months now since I've bought accessories for myself, and suddenly I find myself wearing the coolest piece of jewelry I've ever owned. And that's really saying something; one time I had a ring made out of coconut shell--that was pretty cool--but it broke, so that's out of the running here.

And that candy necklace I had back in 2nd grade should rank pretty high, but I think we all know what chubby 8-year-old Shannon did with that.

So once again, despite my silly promise, I'm wearing something new. And a big silly grin to go with it.

Of course, isn't the logical next thing a new dress? Uh oh...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Many Happy Returns

When has returning stuff ever been fun?

When it's been 6 months on the barren landscape of no purchasing. That's when.

I had to take back the kind gift from Mikers and Janie. What was beautiful on the hangers was not so on Shannon; try as I might to contort myself in front of the mirror, neither top really fit me.

So back I went to Anthropologie, where they no longer had the same clothes for an exchange of size. Suddenly I was standing in my favorite store with lots (thanks again, brother&girlfriend!) of store credit.

Let me just tell you, that dressing room was packed. I think I tried on everything in the store.

I might have taken some of the housewares in there with me, just to hold a teapot while I wore that cute 60s-style dress.

As you can see, my sister helped me. It came down to choices between favorites, and I found myself looking at price tags again. It's been half a year since I've done that! (Remember, window shoppers have no budget.)

I was also tempted to return to some of my old ways. Basically, a great pair of pants with anchors on the buttons tried to come home with me simply because they were so on sale. I could have brought home my favorite shirt and those pants!

But they didn't really fit quite right. They weren't perfect, they were just exciting because they were on sale (and, of course, the anchor buttons.)

So I left them there. And now I've been wearing these 2 tops like I don't even own anything else. I took them to 6th Street last weekend. Not too sure if I can even part with them for dry cleaning. Probably how moms feel that first day of kindergarten. I'll look for a support group.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Shiny Happy People-er, Person!

You know that feeling that R.E.M. must have been trying to convey through "Shiny Happy People?"

You know, happy. Super happy.

(Not shiny. I don't think shiny is actually a feeling. Though come to think of it, there were many days back at around age 12 or 13 that a less nicely-complected Shannon felt "shiny." Whatever, I think the song is about "happy," not "shiny.")

And who knows, maybe R.E.M. wanted to convey something else. Maybe the song's about chickens. Or drugs. I often miss those undertones in songs. And I don't feel bad about it, because I think most of us do. My friend in high school thought that Jimmy Buffet had a song called, "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Scream."

I think we all know that the song was not about drinking and screaming.

But let's not analyze that fun bar song right now. I want to express the thrill of giving. But from the other end. The receiving end. And I'm so glad that it is better to give than to receive, because means that my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, and my dear friend must all be REALLY happy. Happy in a Shiny Happy People sort of way.

Let me clarify: these folks have all been really good to me and given me clothes. It's been surprising and delightful and incredibly kind, and I can't express how fun it's been to have something new to wear!

You might laugh at how excited I am about this. Well, fine. I'll give you something else to laugh at: my excitement over new clothes reminds me of part of Harry Potter (which I finally decided to begin reading a couple of months ago).

I know, it's corny and meant for kids, but I love it. Anyway, Rowling wrote in a few elf characters that are essentially slaves to particular families all their lives...unless their master inadvertently gives them an article of clothing. See the joy on that little CGI guy's face? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling.

That first gift of clothes was on Girls' Game Night. Kelly surprised me with a couple of bags of clothes that she was liberating from her closet. I had really only expected to drink beer and totally dominate at board games that night. So imagine my delight to end up going home with not only the Slumber Party Giggles over our clues during Catchphrase, but also a new dress and skirt!

Then my sister picked me up for lunch this week with a bundle of dresses and swimsuits in tow. She insisted she just didn't wear them any more. Suddenly I'm headed into the 4th of July weekend with new swimsuits and dresses! Can I really tell you how happy I am about that? How about this--Harry Potter elf happy.

And then there was the box of Anthropologie clothes I found on the doorstep Wednesday morning. Not only did Michael and Janie send Brendon and me our absolute favorites--Anthropologie clothes for me and an awesome Fossil watch for Brendon--but they threw in a card with it all that made the presents better than just really cool, new accessories.

Basically the card said that it was a thank-you/congratulations present. Thanks for letting them crash with us when visiting from Dallas...which is overly generous considering we don't have cable (so our house is boring) and critters roam freely and noisily through our walls (so our house is creepy). And then congrats to Brendon for recent achievements.

Please understand that I don't want this blog to be a gooey puddle of emotions and life lessons. I may not have TV, but I catch snippets of what's on, and the extent to which people publicize their supposed deepest feelings irritates me. Really? You're going to say that in front of millions of people? I'd much prefer to watch a fake elf cry over a sock.

And that's just the "reality" shows; the level of preachiness flowing from "news" shows just gags me. I get enough lectures about what I ought to be thinking and feeling just through the bumper stickers I see around here. Turn off "The Factor," give me quidditch!

So I'm trying to keep it light. This is just a silly experiment after all. But I was...touched that my brother would make such a gesture for Brendon.

There. That wasn't too emotional, was it?

And I was also touched that he and Janie would think of me, so much so that they'd send me stuff from the place that has come to embody my every fantasy!

Likewise with Sarah and Kelly. So not only am I surrounded by new stuff to try on and prance around in, but I feel pretty damn loved at the same time.

Oops, Cheese Alert--don't get too weepy or preachy, Shannon. Save that for the CGI animation and the "real" housewives.

So fine, I'll keep it simple: I'm very happy!